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Ever since I was a child, I have had a wide range of interests. I find the world in general and people in particular fascinating. Many years ago, while standing and talking to a group of young people, I realised teaching, or more specifically educating, was how I wanted to be spending my 2000 weeks.


When I’m training or giving a lecture on a subject I’m passionate about and I sense the group start to catch that passion for themselves, there’s no feeling like it in the world. It feels like I’m doing exactly what I’m designed to do - and it certainly doesn’t feel like work!


Enabling people to “Be Exceptional, Be Passionate & Make a Difference” in their careers is the driving force of Stephen Smyth Consulting and the principle behind 2000weeks.co.uk.


Since then, I have developed and delivered educational packages for a wide range of learners across the world. Working with clients in the UK such as Belfast Metropolitan College and Clyde College Glasgow as well as international clients such as the Dar es Salaam Water & Sewerage Authority, I have produced training, lecturing and coaching solutions aimed at helping those learners make the most of their 2000 weeks.


Drawing from my experience in a variety of private, public and voluntary roles alongside an extensive academic and research background, I develop bespoke training and educational packages in the following areas:


• ILM Business, Leadership and Management

• Customer Service/Stakeholder Relationship Management

• Water and Wastewater Operations

• Science (microbiology, biology, environmental management)

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