Career & Interview Coaching

Once we accept 2000 weeks is too much of our lives not to be in a role in which we enjoy, are valued, rewarded and

challenged, the next step is finding and landing that dream job.


In an increasingly competitive market, interview coaching gives you the edge you need over the other 10-15 candidates who also want YOUR job!


I provide a full 1-2-1 interview coaching service from application to final contract negotiations.

"The best person for the job doesn't always get the job, the guy who performs best at interview always does"

What I can do:

• Final drafting of application form/CV/cover letter. Ensuring all criteria is met and your potential is fully presented.


• Question prediction, based on an extensive database of past clients, research and interviews with HR professionals across a wide range of UK business sectors.


• Mock interview practice.


• Tailoring one-of-a-kind interview answers specifically matching your experience, successes and personality.


• Specialties include: finance, consulting, scientific services, executive positions, health care, education, IT, and Public Sector roles.

The services listed above are fundamental basics to application and interview preparation. However, any life/performance/career/interview coach will provide the same service. Let me explain.....


What I can do differently:


• At application stage, a full refund if you don't get an invite to interview


• Specialist advice on diet, sleep, pharmaceutical support and rest to ensure you're as mentally focused as you've ever been come interview day.


• Counseling and advice on "positive self talk" aimed at increasing confidence and belief. There's a lot of truth in the old adage "whither you think you can or you can't, you're probably right"

Why I do it:

While working for a large public sector organisation near the beginning of my career, I found myself chatting to what we call in Belfast an "old hand".


The man was in his mid-50's and he'd worked in the industry since he was 15.


He was full of stories and industry knowledge, truly fascinating company. Added to his obvious work and life experience he also had an HNC which he'd studied for years ago.


That qualification, combined with his knowledge, skills, experience and attitude should have seen him promoted to a team leader long ago, he was obviously more than capable.


When I asked him, his face dropped and he looked embarrassed. "Son, I hate those interviews, I went to half a dozen and just couldn't work out what they wanted me to say"


The conversation stuck with me throughout my career. Interviews always came easily me and I never gave them a second thought up until that chance meeting. The encounter taught me an unfortunate but basic truth:


"the best person for the job doesn't always get the job, the guy who performs best at interview always does"


My vision is to help people make the most of their 2000 weeks by encouraging them to strive after work in which they can "be passionate, be exceptional and make a difference." In achieving that vision for each client I need to help them realise their potential, set their own direction and (through mentoring and interview coaching) help them get there.


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