About Stephen Smyth

"I’ve been so lucky over my career to work with some remarkable people on some fascinating projects"

As a science undergraduate, I was part of the research group which discovered thermophillic bacteria in rainwater. Once graduated, I worked with a small biotechnology start-up company researching quicker diagnostic methods for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. I then moved into the public sector, where I managed several regulated microbiology laboratories, developing their commercial potential and extending the scope of accreditation.


Customer Service

In 2008, I realised I wanted to work more directly with customers. For three years I developed relationships with key stakeholders, elected representatives and customer groups. Working in partnership with the consumer regulators, we carried out research that sought to find out exactly what services our customers valued and, following this, produced investment strategies and policies which met those priorities.


By the end of 2010, my customer service role had developed into a front line ‘Customer Field Manager’ position within the wastewater sector of a large public utility. The role was born out of a realisation that while operational staff were very efficient at solving problems, the impact on the customer was not always explained effectively. I provided the link between the customer effected and the operational teams who were trying to help them. I developed customer service training and development packages for contractors and operational staff, ensuring that everyone the customer came in contact with displayed the same exceptional service.

Throughout my career I have managed teams ranging from highly educated scientists, through to experienced wastewater operational staff and support staff employed on temporary contracts. Very early, I realised two great truths that apply to all levels of management in every businesses:


• My performance would be judged on the performance of others, and;


• The key to effective leadership and management is understanding people


With this in mind, I have dedicated myself to reading people and how to motivate them to achieve their full potential. In 2010, I became one of the few fully qualified HBDI Practitioners in the UK, with approval to deliver training, coaching and assessment on the Hermon Brain Dominance Instrument. As part of my MBA, I carried out research on the job satisfaction and motivation of teaching staff and developed strategies for increasing engagement in the context of public sector austerity. Working with Belfast Metropolitan College and Glasgow Clyde College, I have designed bespoke leadership and management courses, based around the ILM qualification structure but designed to meet the specific need of the client.

Now, as an independent consultant, I can dedicate my time, energy and passion towards helping professionals in these sectors reach their full potential.


Leadership & Management

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