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Why 2000 Weeks?

2000 weeks (or 40 years) is the average amount of time professionals in the UK will work in their chosen career. That figure accounts for the best part of half of your life.


Over the past 15 years working in various training, education and management roles, I’ve noticed the worrying trend of more and more talented people wishing their 2000 weeks away.


• The ambitious professional who has every qualification required by their industry, experience, energy and drive yet struggles to climb the career ladder and can’t understand why


• The experienced company man/woman in their early 50’s tired of their current role but lacking inspiration as to where else to go, counting down the years until retirement


• The unchallenged, unmotivated graduates who worked hard through university only to find themselves watching the clock tick towards 5pm when they can go home from a job that leaves them unchallenged and uninspired


• The young person sitting at home with no job, totally reliant on benefits, just like the rest of their household and most of their peers was developed for such people.


Your career is too much of your life to wish away. 2000 weeks is too long a time to be clock watching. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to spend the best 40 years of their lives being successful in a role they are passionate about, carrying out work that gives purpose and satisfaction.


I want this website and the rest of my 2000 weeks to be spent empowering others through education, training, coaching and mentoring to…..


Be Exceptional, Be Passionate


& Make A Difference

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